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The year is 1918: Karl Simon begins processing components for the Black Forest clock-making industry and goes on to found the SIMON company. The company subsequently starts manufacturing sheet metal and punched parts, band saw blades, mirror mounts and cabinet latches.
The company BETEK is founded in 1981, followed by the company SITEK in 1989.
Traditional and modern: Today, the SIMON GROUP is headquartered in Aichhalden, Germany and includes three companies - Karl SIMON GmbH & Co. KG, BETEK GmbH & Co. KG, and SITEK GmbH & Co. KG - as well as four profit centres consisting the areas of Kinetics, Sinterlutions, Systems and Tooling. Two international companies located in the United States and in China are also part of the SIMON GROUP.
Since 1992, the companies of the SIMON GROUP have been subsidiaries of INDUS Holding AG in Bergisch Gladbach.

Successful – Medium-sized - Innovative

These three features characterise all of the companies within the SIMON GROUP. With over 8000 employees, we provide a broad range of products and services featuring the highest level of quality, including tools, furniture fittings, carbide tools, spikes, sintered components and plastic parts, and we also offer finishing work for automotive and other components in our very own electroplating shop.

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Überlingen – BETEK GmbH & Co. KG, a company based in Aichhalden, in the Black Forest region of southern Germany, has made it into the TOP 100 in the 26th year of the innovation competition.



Überlingen/Ludwigsburg – The innovation leaders in Germany's SME sector are dusting off their evening wear in preparation for the 25th TOP 100 awards.