Corporate group

Headquartered in Aichhalden, Germany, the SIMON GROUP comprises four companies and one profit centre:  SIMON Tooling and the companies Karl SIMON, SIMON Sinterlutions, SITEK and BETEK.
Each of our companies is characterised by flat hierarchies and flexible processes. With about 750 employees, we provide a broad range of products and services with the highest level of quality. This includes carbide tools, tire studs and sintered components.
The central services offered by the corporate group entail key support functions for all areas, including Administration, Purchasing, Quality Management, the Electric shop, Maintenance, and our own Materials Laboratory and Tooling department.

SIMON Sinterlutions

Sintered slide bearings, moulded parts and multifunctional assemblies are the mainstays of the manufacturing programme at SIMON Sinterlutions. Numerous awards attest to our top-grade quality and superb service. We react quickly to all customer requests with a high degree of flexibility. Our Sintering Technology customers include major machine and systems manufacturers as well as companies in the automotive industry.

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SIMON Tooling

Ensuring the excellent quality of our products, SIMON Tooling department is a key factor in the corporate group's success. This department is responsible for developing, designing, constructing, maintaining and repairing tools as needed. The spectrum of services includes tool construction, prototyping, manufacturing small-scale series and tool assembly.

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BETEK is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of carbide sealing tools, and the largest corporate area within the group. Tracing its origins to the Karl Simon company founded in 1967, BETEK has been operating under its own name since 1981. Carbide metal production at BETEK is among the most modern in the world. BETEK products are used internationally in mining machines, recycling systems, agricultural machinery and in many other construction and industrial areas.

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The product groups offered by SITEK include studs for winter tyres, tools with carbide components, horse shoes studs for riding, Nordic walking pole tips and carbide powder. First started back in 1967, stud manufacturing was transferred to the the SITEK company in 1989, which was separately founded specifically for this product area. With its advanced technology, SITEK has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of studs for car and commercial vehicle tyres. The company's very own in-house carbide production process is one of the key factors contributing to the success of SITEK products.

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