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Welcome to SIMON Analytics Founded in 2020 Support in the areas of metrology, process analysis, test equipment management and calibration. Rework and assembly activities Equipped with modern testing equipment. Support in the implementation of new test methods Accredited according to DIN EN ISO 17025 for tests in the areas of corrosion, climatic, physical-technical, coating thickness and resistance tests on coated materials.

SIMON Analytics is the in-house testing laboratory of the SIMON GROUP. Here, we can perform corrosion tests, climate tests and coating thickness measurement for the carbide tools, tool systems and wear protection solutions we have developed. We are happy to offer these and other special tests to customers on request.

Test and measurement laboratory

Accredited test methods

Salt Spray Tests
(DIN EN ISO 9227_2017-07)

We use salt spray tests to simulate various external factors that may affect the corrosion behavior and resistance of our products in service. We can thus detect and eliminate weak points in organic coatings or inorganic coatings. At SIMON Analytics, we use two different methods:

DIN EN ISO 9227 NSS (Neutral Salt Spray Test)
DIN EN ISO 9227 CASS (Copper Accelerated Salt Spray Test)

Condensation Water Constant Climate
(DIN EN ISO 6270-2_2018-04)

With the Condensation Water Constant Climate test, we expose our products to a full-surface, continuous condensation load in order to test, for example, painted or coated samples with regard to their behavior in the condensation water climate.

Test and measurement laboratory

Non-accredited test methods

Tactile measurement

Tactile measurement is used to determine workpiece geometries, shape tolerances and surface finishes. With our mobile measuring system, we can perform tactile measurements quickly and independent of location – even at your company’s site.

Laser scan

With the help of the laser scanning process, we can not only measure components precisely, but also prepare the read-out data as an STL file for further processing in CAD.


At SIMON Analytics, we perform various in-house calibrations on our test equipment at our in-house dial gauge test stand and a high-precision length measuring device. Among other things, dial gauges, filling levers, thread plug gauges or test rings are tested here. Calipers, micrometers and similar products are manually checked by us with reference testing equipment.

Component analyses

We not only test components for durability, but also offer various component analyses. For example, we use our high-performance microscope to check for cracks in the material, or can also perform acoustic testing or vibration analyses.

Assembly and control work

Our assembly and control department is flexible and versatile. We not only perform internal work for our companies BETEK, SITEK and SIMON Sinterlutions or our Profit Center and SIMON Tooling, but also for our customers.

Laser marking

In order to ensure the complete traceability of the calibrated test equipment, we apply unique test equipment numbers with our marking laser.

Coating thickness measurement Coulometric method
(DIN EN ISO 2177_2004-08)

The coulometric method is technically a reverse electroplating process. The electrochemical analysis method can be used to determine the layer thickness of many metallic layers on any base material. Especially for multilayer systems, the coulometric method is an alternative to the X-ray fluorescence method.

Resistance tests
(according to VW TL_528_2015-01/Mercedes Benz DBL 8465_2016-06-en)

To test the resistance of components to environmental influences, we can simulate various climatic situations. Temperatures from -70°C - 180°C at different humidities can be simulated for the tests.

Coating thickness measurement X-ray fluorescence method
(DIN EN ISO 3497_2001-12)

In the X-ray fluorescence method, an X-ray beam ionizes the atoms of a measurement sample. The various layers (e.g. chromium/nickel/copper layer sequence) are excited by the X-ray beam. The individual layer thicknesses can be determined via the intensity of the back radiation.

Range of services, certificates & equipment list

Process and measurement system analyses are the basis for the continuous improvement of our processes. In order to ensure this, SIMON Analytics uses various programs and evaluation tools.